In 2005, I exited a group called Master’s Commission that I would later call a “cult.” Over the next few years, I would work to recover as best as I could. Finally in 2010, I would start the blog that would forever change how people see discipleship programs. During all of this, I would begin writing a book based on my experiences. 

Welcome to My Cult Life.

ON March 20, 2014, I was featured in an interview for BreakThru Radio on a piece called “Stories Beneath the Cults – Deception Week.”       IN September 2013, the Huffington Post asked me to write my story for TED Weekends, alongside Diane Benscoter and others. You can find my story in this piece: “How Cults Gain Power Over An Individual: A True Story.” huffpo live

ON October 16, 2013, I appeared on HuffPost LIVE with Diane Benscoter and David Livingstone Smith to discuss the science of cult behavior and whether cults rewire the brain. Video archive here.

philly.JPG IN September, 2011, I was interviewed for a Philly.com story about Master’s Commission, the group I write about on my blog.

ON March 24, 2011, I was featured on an NPR affiliate interview on a show titled Examining Cult Culture, along with James Tabor, chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Sean McCloud, an associate professor of religious studies and American studies affiliate at UNC-Charlotte; and Benjamin Zeller, an assistant professor of religious studies at Brevard College.

Over the course of the past four years, I’ve worked incredibly hard to maintain a fresh, vibrant blog. While I would love to continue this, I can’t. It’s with great regret that I’ve had to make the decision to pull some stories from this site because of concerns over protecting my intellectual property. That means some stories have been archived and stored in personal files and will no longer be able to be accessed. However, many of my posts are still up for readers to access. 

There is good news, though. I’m working on larger projects that I hope to share with you upon their completion. I’m also blogging with about daily life, love, books, and relationships over on my my new blog. It’s an entirely different blog with a lighthearted vibe. To those of you who have been loyal readers for years, thank you. (Here’s a personal note of thanks!) Please check back here or on my writer site for updates. 

If you need to get in touch, contact me via email: mycultlife at gmail dot com. Unfortunately, I do not do rescue or reprogramming work. On another note, please do not use anything you find here or in archives without my written permission. Even if you email me for permission, I may not grant it. Please don’t steal.

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