Cult Connections: Acquire the Fire & Master’s Commission Conferences


Pre-teens and teenagers are most susceptible to groups like Master’s Commission which claim to be “Discipleship Programs.” Master’s Commission, in particular infiltrates youth groups. They provide the youth workers, the human videos, dances, skits and sometimes the preaching to youth groups at… Continue Reading

The Unpaid Master’s Commission Intern, Legal or Not?

Are Unpaid Master’s Commission Internships Legal or Not? OR: How to Out Your Pastor for Not Paying YOU! A Little Pebble Can Make a Lot of Waves I just read this in a fishing magazine of all places. My dad… Continue Reading

Where Do I Stand? by Aaron Gates

  Where do I stand? A Guest Post by Aaron Gates  After leaving a church group that I had been “professionally” affiliated with for five years I had a lot of questions to ask myself. I had to ask myself… Continue Reading

Finding a Therapist

Today, I’m back at the therapist search. After moving, I ended up losing a great therapist who specialized in cults and destructive groups. She’s not accepting new patients, so that’s a bummer. Searching for a therapist is HARD work. Right… Continue Reading