Why I’m Not Afraid of Libel

Supreme Court

You’ve probably heard the term slander before. You may have even heard that I’m “slandering pastors.”   Incorrect.   The correct term would be “libel.” Libel is written word against someone else, IF it is untrue.   Why am I… Continue Reading

Finding a Therapist

Today, I’m back at the therapist search. After moving, I ended up losing a great therapist who specialized in cults and destructive groups. She’s not accepting new patients, so that’s a bummer. Searching for a therapist is HARD work. Right… Continue Reading

I Can’t Hear God Anymore, A Review

In Wendy J. Duncan’s book, I Can’t Hear God Anymore: Life in a Dallas Cult, she tells an eloquent and heartbreaking story of when she first joined Trinity Foundation, a cult in Dallas, Texas led by Ole Anthony. She opens… Continue Reading