Excuses Cult Leaders Use

Pastor Holding Bible

Cult leaders, and manipulative pastors, have a way of making up excuses for their behavior. If Christians aren’t careful, they’ll find themselves (and we’ll find our friends) making up excuses for their behavior, too. You’ve heard it before. Church members… Continue Reading

What makes a religious group a cult?

Waco Tribune-Herald/May 6, 2007 By Cindy V. Culp When it comes to cults, there’s an old joke among religious scholars: A cult is a cult is a cult — unless it’s my religious group. That jest highlights the tendency many… Continue Reading

Why I’m Not Afraid of Libel

Supreme Court

You’ve probably heard the term slander before. You may have even heard that I’m “slandering pastors.”   Incorrect.   The correct term would be “libel.” Libel is written word against someone else, IF it is untrue.   Why am I… Continue Reading

Where Do I Stand? by Aaron Gates

  Where do I stand? A Guest Post by Aaron Gates  After leaving a church group that I had been “professionally” affiliated with for five years I had a lot of questions to ask myself. I had to ask myself… Continue Reading

Master’s Commission 3D (Lafayette, LA) is NO Longer Legally Affiliated with Master’s Commission International Network

I received the following letter last night from Lloyd Zeigler, Chairman of the Master’s Commission International Network, relating to my 2008 inquiry http://www.mycultlife.com/?p=91 about the cult-like activities going on in Master’s Commission 3D in Lafayette, Louisiana http://www.mycultlife.com/?p=85 , http://www.mycultlife.com/?p=87. After… Continue Reading