Is Master’s Commission a Cult?

Another forum post that can be found here: In order to comment on the forum, or take the quiz, you must register as a user. Do a quick google search for “Master’s Commission Cult” and you produce 31,700 URLS linking… Continue Reading

What makes a religious group a cult?

Waco Tribune-Herald/May 6, 2007 By Cindy V. Culp When it comes to cults, there’s an old joke among religious scholars: A cult is a cult is a cult — unless it’s my religious group. That jest highlights the tendency many… Continue Reading

Cult Connections: Acquire the Fire & Master’s Commission Conferences


Pre-teens and teenagers are most susceptible to groups like Master’s Commission which claim to be “Discipleship Programs.” Master’s Commission, in particular infiltrates youth groups. They provide the youth workers, the human videos, dances, skits and sometimes the preaching to youth groups at… Continue Reading

Stuff Fundies Like


A follower of this blog and a friend posted a link to Stuff Fundies Like today. It was my first visit to this fabulous site. How could I even call myself a blogger without finding his site?! With Darrell’s great… Continue Reading

Where Do I Stand? by Aaron Gates

  Where do I stand? A Guest Post by Aaron Gates  After leaving a church group that I had been “professionally” affiliated with for five years I had a lot of questions to ask myself. I had to ask myself… Continue Reading

Definition of a Cult

You’ve heard my definition of a cult, and some supporting evidence (though not exhaustive…yet). How would YOU define a cult? What characteristics would you say leaders of cults have? What groups would you place (or not place) in that category?… Continue Reading