Kirk Cameron criticizes Stephen Hawking (and every non-believer) for saying ‘there is no heaven’

I used to think Kirk Cameron was cute, obviously, but lately (read: for a really long time) he’s become so emblematic for everything that’s wrong with Christianity. And by Christianity, I mean fundamentalism and by fundamentalism I mean the “bat shit crazy” of our times.

Kirk Cameron recently criticized Stephen Hawking’s ‘there is no heaven’ statement on his Facebook page:

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I obviously have a lot of issues with his statement. First of all, it doesn’t make sense in the “realm of reality” as he says he lives. The problem with reading fundamentalist arguments is that it’s like listening to gibberish, and the argument only makes sense within the confines of a fundamentalist belief system/community/culture. So, if you sometimes venture out to work, or a secular college, or a normal book, this stuff won’t make sense to you. Second, I have a ton of questions (see below):

Kirk says: To say anything negative about Stephen Hawking is like bullying a blind man. He has an unfair disadvantage, and that gives him a free pass on some of his absurd ideas. Professor Hawking is heralded as “the genius of Britain,” yet he believes in the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything…

I say: Do you mean that he believes God did not create the universe? Believing that God didn’t have any place in creating the universe is entirely different from believing in scientific theory. They are separate entities and not related at all. If a scientist doesn’t take into consideration the belief that God created the universe it’s because it’s not a REAL theory and it’s based entirely on a Christian world-view, not a scientific one. There are plenty of Christians and Christian scientists who don’t find the creation story legitimate.

 Kirk says: (Sir Isaac Newton called atheism “senseless and odious”) and that life sprang from non-life. To speak on issues of science and violate it’s essential laws is like playing checkers with a someone who changes the rules when he’s losing.

I say: What essential laws of science has Hawking violated? I see no violation evident here. Also, who cares if Sir Isaac Newton didn’t like atheism? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; however, unless some random statement like this about an historical figure has a reference linked to it, I am wary that it’s even true.

Kirk says: Why should anyone believe Mr. Hawking’s writings if he cannot provide evidence for his unscientific belief that out of nothing, everything came?

I say: Why should Hawking have to waste time providing evidence of a belief system? A religion? You can’t “prove” that a religion or belief system is real-by it’s very nature religion/belief systems are and idea, a cultural and societal phenomenon, that’s both useful and interesting to try to understand why communities hold on to them, but why we have religion in the world is not really a scientific question. The examination of belief systems and ideas perpetuated by beliefs is better suited for philosophers or anthropologists; it’s unrelated to science.

Kirk says: He says he knows there is no Heaven. John Lennon wasn’t sure. He said to pretend there’s no Heaven. That’s easy if you try.

I say: There is no heaven. Heaven is a sales-tactic used by Christian ministers which has successfully scared the hell out of people for years. Why take offense to someone not believing in your beliefs?

Kirk says: Then he said he hoped that someday we would join him. Such wishful thinking reveals John and Stephen’s religious beliefs, not good science. They may imagine all they want, but I lost my faith in atheism long ago and prefer to stay within the realm of reality.

I say: Okay, first of all, Stephen doesn’t have wishful thinking and John Lennon was a songwriter whose songs (like many songs) borrow from Christian culture and phrases because it’s been a part of the US and world for centuries; not necessarily because Lennon believed. Also, no one really cares if you lost faith in atheism a long time ago. Atheism isn’t something people like me care to push on anyone, even fundies like you. In fact, I could care less what you believe or don’t believe and that’s the difference–the major difference–between you and me. The only reason I care to bring this up is that you feel the need to push your views on people all the time. That’s WHY atheists are angry. Atheists are often former Christians who see through the bullshit and the stupidity of our former beliefs. We have little tolerance for these kind of lectures. They’re useless.

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