Rizzo resigns as Healing Place pastor; Rumors of Affair Surface

Dino Rizzo, pastor of Healing Place Church, is taking a sabbatical. Rumors have circulating since late July on Louisiana message boards that this was caused an affair he was having with a 25 year old church intern. What’s worse is, the church board allegedly paid the young woman to move back to her home state, which was not originally Louisiana to cover it up.

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In July, it was reported that mega church pastor Dino Rizzo was going on a sabbatical.

According to The Advocate, Dino Rizzo, lead pastor and founder of Healing Place Church announced Sunday that he and his wife are leaving the church.

“We feel it is best that we step down as pastors today,” Dino Rizzo told several thousand church members gathered in the spacious arena sanctuary during the first of two Sunday morning services.

“Two months ago,” Rizzo said, “I let my spirit, soul and body get depleted and did not make good choices as a dad, as a husband, as a leader.”

Dino is also quoted as saying he stepped down voluntarily, which contradicts reports that a newly established church board had asked him to step down. On July 25, 2012, the following was reported by news channel WAFB,

The church issued a statement Tuesday saying that the Healing Place spirituality board determined that Rizzo needed the sabbatical.

The church statement says Rizzo has “humbly and willingly embraced the board’s plan.”

The Advocate quoted long-standing church member Brian McCollister who suggests the public take this resignation as face value.

“There will be tons of rumors circulating, but it’s none of anybody’s business,” McCollister said. “My heart is broken for them and their family. God can see the end from the beginning and this was no surprise to him. The decision they made was between them and God.”

However, rumors have circulating since late July on Louisiana message boards that Rizzo was having an affair with a former intern. What’s worse is, the church board allegedly paid the young woman to move back to her home state to cover the incident up, which was not originally Louisiana, according to sources.

Commenter “RedStickNative” shares sentiments with those on the message boards:

The article plainly says “Two months ago,” Rizzo said, “I let my spirit, soul and body get depleted and did not make good choices as a dad, as a husband, as a leader.” There is little doubt this pastor is running from a heinous scandal if facts were made public. What these men want is power and easy money and they are no different than any con man anywhere preying on the weak and guillable. Their product is invisible and the payoff is promised to come after you die and can’t get your money back. FYI that’s my opinion and you obviously don’t have to agree but this sort of thing happens all over the country all the time.

According to local sources, it seems RedStickNative has hit the proverbial nail on the head.

Could this be just another Jim Bakker/Jessica Hahn story?



Update 9/17/12: Clarification on why the girl was sent back to her homestate: It was to cover up the incident.

Update 9/17/12 1:23 pm: (Because the entire message board is a great read)

You have to admit, the argument that God told him to leave or that he’s tired is really quite unbelievable.


Update 9/17/12 1:32 pm: Tiger Droppings has named the alleged woman involved. According to the message board, Healing Place Church removed her name and image from the website. The Wayback Machine still has proof, though.

Update 9/17/12 2:06 pm: Local church leaders were informed on Sunday of the inappropriate relationship with a staff member. Leaders were informed that Dino would read a statement about the infidelity on Sunday, but he did not.

Update 9/17/12 4:00 pm: Many of you have been around since this blog began in 2010. Some of you are new. For those who aren’t aware, I worked at Our Savior’s Church in Lafayette, LA as the assistant to Daniel Jones. Dino Rizzo and Jones are very good friends and formed the Pastor’s Relief Commission which received a lot of money for Hurricane Katrina funds. When I started blogging, I received a lot of reports about the abusive nature of Jones’s ministry, so I did what I thought was right at the time. I emailed Jones’s closest friends, asking them to please put a stop to the abuse. Dino Rizzo was one such friend I emailed. Here are the contents of the letter, which was never responded to. It shows me that Dino’s ethical indescretions were always present–not a recent occurance from being “tired.”

Update 9/18/12 12:38 pm: According to the Louisiana Secretary of State website, Dino and DeLynn Rizzo are listed as officers, vice-president, treasurer (and other titles) to sixteen different non-profit ministry organizations.

The first corporation on the list is listed as “not in good standing for failure to file an annual report” according to the Secretary of State’s website.

Read more here.

Screenshots from the Secretary of State website (click image to enlarge):




Screen shot from the Secretary of State’s website September 18th, 2012 (10 am)


One of Dino Rizzo’s ministries

Update 9/19/12 10:07 am: Dino Rizzo’s ministry career first began under none other than Jimmy Swaggart ministries according to Charisma News article ran in July, 2012:

As a 23-year-old Dino worked under Baton Rouge icon Jimmy Swaggart as a youth pastor and ran the televangelist’s $300,000-a-month, 30-vehicle bus ministry. He’d been saved in a Word-Faith church in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and at Swaggart’s Bible college, Dino began to merge the bold faith he saw modeled around him with the burning passion he’d always had to reach those less fortunate.

You may rememeber Jimmy Swaggart from his sex scandal with a prostitute:

On October 11, 1991, Swaggart for a second time was found in the company of a prostitute, Rosemary Garcia,[9] when he was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol in Indio, California, for driving on the wrong side of the road. According to Garcia, Swaggart stopped to proposition her on the side of the road. When the patrolman asked Garcia why she was with Swaggart, she replied, “He asked me for sex. I mean, that’s why he stopped me. That’s what I do. I’m a prostitute.”[10][11] This time, rather than confessing to his congregation, Swaggart told those at Family Worship Center that “The Lord told me it’s flat none of your business.”[12][13][14] Swaggart’s son Donnie then announced to the stunned audience that his father would be temporarily stepping down as head of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries for “a time of healing and counseling.”

What’s important to remember is that Jimmy Swaggart only temporarily stepped down from their ministries.

Sexual scandals in the late 1980s and early 1990’s led the Assemblies of God to defrock him, and to his temporarily stepping down as the head of Jimmy Swaggert Ministries.[2]

Take a look at Healing Place Church website today and you can see that even though Dino officially “resigned” his photo is still up as pastor:


Screenshot September 19th, 2012

And you all know where Jimmy Swaggart Ministries makes their home, right? Baton Rouge.


Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, Baton Rouge, LA

Update 9/20/12 12:13 pm: I’ve had a lot of requests for my personal information and location from Healing Place Church members. As a matter of privacy and safety, I don’t give out personal information or disclose my location. I am keeping documenting suspicious emails, comments and Facebook requests including IP address and your location info in the event I feel my safety is in danger.

 Update 9/21/12 1:30 pm: Someone attempted to hack into my website yesterday afternoon. I think it’s fair to assume that the hack is related to the HPC/Dino Rizzo story.

Update 9/21/12 1:48 pm: An ironic tweet from Dino Rizzo about his favorite book Why Great Men Fall by Wayne Goodall. (Credit: TeaRay)

This was emailed to me today:

Kaycee Morgan Smith

Update 9/21/12 2:01 pm:

HPC church members were told to “not ask questions about the situation” on Sunday according to this post on a message board.

From The Advocate revisited (emphasis my own):

“It’s okay to be sad but don’t be overwhelmed by sorrow or try to read between the lines,” The Rev. Chris Hodges, one of the Healing Place Church’s overseers and pastor of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Ala., told the congregation.

I know you want more than what’s being said here today — but can you be OK that the seven of us (overseers) know?” Hodges asked. “We’re going to take care of them and we’re going to take care of you. Trust me.”

The seven overseers, mostly from out of state, attended the service Sunday.

From the July story from The Advocate (emphasis my own):

Rizzo “has humbly and willingly embraced the board’s plan,” the church’s statement said, adding that a length for the sabbatical has not been determined. “That will depend on the healing process.”

Rizzo was not available for further comment and a personal cell phone number for him was no longer working.

Church officials also didn’t respond to follow up phone calls and emails on Wednesday afternoon, and there was no explanation on the church’s web site, or Rizzo’s own web site, his Twitter account or his Facebook page.

Healing Place on Palm Sunday of 2010, celebrated the opening of a spacious,modern arena on the church’s 56-acre campus located at 1902 Highland Road. The $28 million, 126,000 square-foot building features the latest in technology and seats 3,000 in its multi-purpose sanctuary.

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56 thoughts on “Rizzo resigns as Healing Place pastor; Rumors of Affair Surface”

  1. It was bound to happen. Rizzo, like Swaggart before him, and how before them, became the reason for the church, not Jesus. They always fall, and it’s usually because of sex. The Bible is full of stories just like this.

    1. I’ve read this article and some of these posts out of curiosity because of the secrecy surrounding Rizzo’s affair. I do not attend HPC, but I do know many who do, as well as many people who work at the church. A few things to think about:

      ~No one is immune to mistakes.
      ~Your greatest weakness is where you think you’re strongest because you do
      not guard against it.

      Yes, this is a big deal. People feel mislead and deceived. Dino appeared to be a pure hearted guy while living a bit of a double life. People’s trust was compromised.

      I do think, though, that we have to consider how this news would impact you if it was not a man of title, position, or status. If just an ordinary man has an affair, it shocks those immediately around him (sometimes), but is often justified by some excuse. And, how quickly do we forgive super stars and politicians for their extramarital affairs?

      Even good men make mistakes. Does someone who does good then makes a mistake have to be crucified as a “cult” leader or someone who was only power and money hungry? A position or title doesn’t take away human nature or temptation. You don’t become infallible just because you’re a senior pastor of a mega-church. Mistakes will be made, it’s how you deal with them and treat people that is truly what matters.

      Although some groups do exist that are extreme and cult-like, HPC is a group of people with big hearts and beliefs in the Bible. I must disagree that Dino Rizzo became the “reason for the church”. If this were the case, the church would quickly become like Swaggart’s empire, a bit desolate. HPC has based their function not on a pastor, but on the Bible and a shared desire to help people. Although the church is made of people who make mistakes, Bible believers believe in forgiveness and should walk it out.

      I think secrecy is a little over board and that honesty would be a better approach to clear up rumors. Yet, the secrecy with Kaycee should not just be considered a cover up. I suppose no one wants their dirt laundry aired for the world to see, but moving Kaycee and providing some financial support could be the other side of “taking care” of everyone involved. Being in Baton Rouge as the center of a scandal would make Kaycee a target with a scarlet letter. Getting out of town does allow for a better chance for Kaycee and the Rizzo family to heal.

      All this said, I think that situations like this should be used as an opportunity to examine your own lives, where you are, where you’re going, how you can get there. How can you be a better person? Is posting on a board and judging someone else’s mistakes making your life better or does it make your mistakes feel smaller? Maybe time would be better spent on praying for those involved and growing in your own faith. Learning from others’ mistakes and learning to love people even if they make mistakes is a better way to spend time. Just some food for thought.

  2. What’s worse is the flew her back home? What’s worse id they feel like they need to leave. They should remain where they are loved so the body can see restoration. The board could have made her drive home. I know the board and they are not cover up men or rash decision makers. Dino’s future is secure. He may be heart broken right now and disappointed in himself but God has greater plans for him. This is not the end but the begining of a more solid life for them. Love you Dino. Love you Delynn.

  3. You are right, adrienne, Dino’s future is secure. But what about the girl’s future? What about her reputation and her heart? Dino will receive public praise for years to come, especially because he and the board did a GOOD cover-up here and protected his reputation, but what about that girl who will be looked down upon, ostracized (already), and shamed by the entire church for the rest of her life?

    This should be the end of Dino’s ministry, but sadly the general public will be duped into believing he’s infallable. See: cult of personality.

    1. “Anonymous”, this is a very interesting choice of words. Two people that I know of use this phrase widely and one of them is Dino Rizzo.

      What’s interesting about your comment is that it could also be used against Dino. He’s hurt an entire church, if allegations are correct, yet you place the blame on me.

  4. I think everyone should grow up. Everyone is always fast to critise and destroy people, yet when god send a storm or mother nature . You then call on god . You attack his people then you beg or need his people’s help. No matter what the story is . The only thing that matter is Jesus . God ! Funny how we are quick to condem then in a hurry when we need god and his people.

  5. I am totally shocked over this news…a pastor, a father, and a husband of God should never even have those desires come across his mind. I hope he can heal himself, and I hope DeLynn can heal also over this. It really makes me sad to hear this news, because I left a church back in 2004, and came to healing place, and really liked Dino and his wife. Now, I am not so sure if I can go back to that church.

    1. Hi,Beth went to see . The girl who was a stripper at one time. Said she new Dino. When I talk to her. She only knew him threw Hpc as a Pastor only. But was not surprised . That he had and affair. She was a church member of HPC. Heard things where going on with the pastor and intern. Come to found out . The intern did ast. work for the pastor wife . At one time…

  6. I have also read a few things online that are pinpointing the Rizzo’s for being embezzelers. It amazes me how they live “high on the hog”, but they are supposed to be following in the footsteps of Jesus. Well, Jesus was not a rich man. Is there any truth to the embezzlement rumor?

    1. Notintocults,
      I saw the Google suggestions for Dino Rizzo embezzlement, but I haven’t seen or heard anything to substantiate it. And why would Dino need to embezzle? The 16 non-profits that are in his name are probably paying him a god awful amount. I don’t even want to speculate what his annual income is, but his other pastor friend I know was making a good $500,000-600,000. Not to mention the cars, houses, memberships, gifts, private tuitions paid, trips around the world, nanny’s who work for free, etc. A low ball estimate is that he gets around $1,000,000 a year. These guys feel they deserve every penny-and so do their congregations. They say, ‘If a CEO can earn that, why I can’t I?’ Truth be told, I work in a huge corporation and the senior management (many of whom have PhD’s in medical related study) do not earn near what Dino makes and they work way harder than these pastors.

      The IRS needs to start taxing ministries and churches. Healing Place Church and it’s 16 non-profits are a prime example of why they should. (See also: the Senate Probe on 6 televangelists and Paula White Ministries 9 year IRS investigation.)

  7. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind about Dino Rizzo and HPC:

    1) Yes, Dino Rizzo is a man and subject to all the same temptations. This in NO way makes it “ok.” In fact, because of his position, the consequences should be more severe and swift. He made a decision and he MUST reap the consequences of his actions.

    2) The integrity of the pulpit at HPC must be preserved during this time. This is tremendously more important than protecting Dino’s reputation. He messed up big time. While I do sympathize for him and his family, it was the right thing for him to resign.

    3) A lot of people will be hurt by this. The board of directors and the staff seem to be handling it appropriately so far.

    4) The worst possible thing they could do is to “white wash” the story in any way. All remaining staff and leadership should strongly condemn the acts. Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This is the only way to preserve the integrity of the church and it’s pulpit. If people ask what happened, JUST TELL THE TRUTH!!!

    1. Hello Mike, You are right. They should tell the whole truth………………..But they did not. ……………..On Sunday Dino Rizzo . Told everyone the he resigned as pastor of HPC> ……..Did not tell the truth why he resigned..About his affair with Kaycee Morgan Smith…He lied to all 8000 members of the church. Told them a different story……………………………………Then the broad of directors. Paid Kaycee Morgan Smith airplane ticket to OKLAHOMA. Where she is from. .Then the broad of directors cover the affair up. .Told Dino to resigned. He did not have a choice. They broad of directors made him do it……Make sure HPC would not lose the integrity make sure they do not lose all there money coming in………….I am a major person inside the HPC. …….So these are fax.

  8. You are right. Lisa do not give out your personal information are your location to anyone at the healing place. Mike Haman is the head pastor taking Dino place. Him and his staff is trying everything to cover up there ass ..To keep the affair a rummer or gossip only………….But it will come out… Pictures etc……………….Will show up ……………………..Trust me HPC can cover the affair for so long that it. …………….When HPC thinks it went all away……………That when the heads will roll. How the board pay off Kaycee to go back to Oklahoma to cover it up……………………The real story on the affair. ……….Matter of time. thanks

  9. The proof will be coming……Hold on it for a while. To see if HPC will come clean……..If not ….The proof will tell the truth. ………Let see after a 2 week period if they come out with it. ………If not what goes around will come back around…………………….That all I have to say at this time. thanks

    1. Charisma News must operate like The Christian Post. Did you see their article? It was like a Dino Rizzo press release. In my opinion, these Christian sites are probably afraid that God will smite them if they let someone say one bad word about a pastor. Interestingly, they never consider that they’re just enabling and covering things up.

  10. on September 30,2012. Pictures from a cell phone . Will be posted on google showing Dino and Kaycee together. ……….. AS a couple. ………This is one the broad at HPC WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COVER UP…………8ooo members at HPC will be finally see the truth. Affair was real. That broad of Hpc cover it up . Will show that Kaycee was paid off . That she did moved to Oklahoma.She is getting a book written about the affair.How HPC paid her off. ………..ALL BE OUT ON SEPTEMBER 30 2012…………ON GOOGLE. THAT ONE PLACE THAT HPC CANNOT TOUCH. So it will be there forever.

  11. Can!t hardly wait to see that on google. ON date 9 30 2012.. About Dino affair. Wow. Now all HPC members will finally know the truth.

  12. Wow lol y’all have issues typing someone else’s business
    On a sight it’s no one to judge them but God n we don’t go to serve him
    We serve God , all y’all have is gossip n half truths. As humans we all fall doesn’t make it right but that’s y they have consequences he stepped down so y y’all can’t leave it at that everyone messes up ever. U n all y’all , i dont know all of what happened n don’t care to know there’s God all over that church n where’s there’s so much great there’s every more things trying to stop it we suppose to look out n lift each other up n overcome everything not push more down

    1. this reply is to the person who set NO ONE. My name is Sam. And Shara is a member at HPC………….You call it half truths and gossip ……ON SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 30,2012.SHARA WILL POST THE PICTURES . THAT WHERE TAKEN FROM A CELL PHONE. SHOWING DINO AND KAYCEE TOGETHER. SHOWING THEM AS A COUPLE…………..WILL BE POSTED ON GOOGLE. . ..PLUS HAVE A PAPER SHOWING . THE BROAD GIVING KAYCEE MONEY AND SENDING HER BACK TO OKLAHOMA. TO COVER UP THE AFFAIR. ……………………………………. SO THE PERSON . SENT A REPLY AS NO ONE. … GUESS WHEN THAT IS SHOWN ON GOOGLE … FOR THE REASON it will be POSTED ON GOOGLE. That is one place HPC broad can!t cover it up. Want be able to take mit off. It will be on google forever. And the reason it will be posted on Sunday September 28 2012. >>>That will be exactly 2 weeks . That Dino told the 8000 members that he resigned from HPC. …….Will show the real reason he resigned. .Because of his affair with Kaycee Morgan Smith……SHOW HOW DINO RIZZO IS A LAIR….How the board force him out. How they cover up the affair,. NOW HAVE A GOOD DAY . UNTIL IT IS POSTED ON SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 28 2012. tHEN THE GOSSIP AND HEADS WILL TURN. SAYING THE AFFAIR IS TURE. SAM

    2. Actually no, you are wrong. Read your bible about how this type of thing is to be handled in the church. “Leaving it to God to judge” is not one of the options.

      1. Hi Good Grief, SAM,Sarah,Billy……We are 3 different people. Not the same person.Using the same web site.Members of HPC> .
        Just wanted to put word out. How Dino lied Sunday .To 8000 members at HPC. .Why he resigned. Because of and affair.Not because God told him to go somewhere else.!!!Now we did our job. . Telling everyone on every major inter…Dino lied to all 8000 HPC in person.Why he resigned. ..God does not like lairs. Dino was a pastor. Man of God. Speak the truth and did not. Everyone knows he is a lair. .So now we can go forward. Hope this new pastor Mike Haman taking Dino place. Does not lie to us. …….Take care Good grief.

    3. To NO ONE . There no half truths……All true………Get over it. The pastor at HPC had and affair. The broad of directors tried to cover it up. So get over it. I am a member of HPC and I had to get over to. end of story.

  13. To SHARA, sam, billy, sarah (which are all the same person) chill out with all the crazy ……?????//// its just absurd.

    1. Sam , Billy ,Shara , are not the same person. They are 3 different people. Using the same web site. .All members of HPC>..Thank you very much

  14. I wish with all my heart I knew who this was !!!! I have been at HPC for a very long time and have love serving with pastor Dino and Delynn . I don’t know way someone would want to bring more hurt more sadness !!! And I know Kaycce she has had a true heart for God as well as pastor Dino !!! They have to live with this for the rest of there life’s !!!! You are not GOD and you need to ask yourself what we I gain by putting stuff up that will hurt his kids his wife and her family and friends !!!! I hope after you being a part of are church that you have learned about loving others and walking in forgiveness . Thers 3 sides to this storie there’s her , his and Gods !!! What more do we need to know !!! Are church your church is on the path to healing !!!! This is so sad because you will also have to live with what you are doing !!!! I am Going to pray for you !!! You need to pray for you to !!! God loves all of us sins and all !!!! The bible says that God is just to forgive ! And when we ask him to forgive us of our sin that once they are covered by the blood of JESUS we stand blameless !!! You need to try for giving and looking at your own heart before throwing stones !!!!!

    1. Hello, Forgiveness, ……………..You will not know who I am. But I tell you this.I am in the middle of everything. at HPC. I have been there for a long time.Dino had the affair. That can be forgiven…………But what can!t be forgiven. Is when last Sunday. He stood there on both church services .. He resigned as pastor from HPC .Said God told him to move to a new place. ………He is a LAIR.. He stood there in both church services that Sunday. Lied to 8000 HPC members.He resigned because of his affair. Because broad of directors made him resigned……………The last thing . That can !t be forgiven. The fact that the broad of directors paid her flight back home to Oklahoma. Then cover up the affair. ……Do you the day Dino resigned that Sunday as pastor at HPC…….The .inter,all the STAFF WAS ASK NOT TO ASK ANY QUESTION..How you like that. ..There is a big cover up there. As I said in my other email..I personley all the broad of directors intern., pastor, ,etc. I am in t the middle of everything. I am strong. ………..Dino lied to all 8000 members. In there face. Why he resigned. He is a lair . Broad of directors cover it up. ,……God will not be the judge this time. .8000 members of the HPC will be the judge. .Because the pastor Dino of 20 years at HPC . Stand up there and lie so easy in both church services. Why he had to resigned as pastor at HPC..He had and affair. Stood up there and lied to all of us……….How can you trust someone like that.Broad of directors cover up the affair. ……………..Me and the 8000 of HPC will be the judge on this one. Make sure of it. I am a major player at HPC. And have over 300 email address of the main people at HPC……….Count on it. Dino will tell the truth to HPC. And quit being a lair. .thanks

    2. HI FORGIVENESS. ON MORE THING. YOU ARE RIGHT . I AM NOT GOD. But i will make sure he is judge by me and the 8000 members, For trying to make a FOOL of all us. On his last Sunday in both church services. Lied to all 8000 members.God told him to move on..That was all a lie.Resigned because of his affair. Broad made him resigned.He thought all, 8000 members where guillable. Well we are not. ………………You are right I am not God. But when all 8000 members join as one. HE WILL FILL THAT WRATH OF GOD DOWN UPON HIM . .AFTER ALL HIS LAST SUNDAY AS PASTOR. HE SAID GOD TOLD HIM TO MOVE ON. He lied using God name. …..When it was because of his affair…Is was not God telling him to move on. . To find out why Dino lied to all of us. Was not man enough to tell the truth. later

  15. I have been reading all of the post that everybody is posting. And it really breaks my heart to think that people can be so deceiving! And most of all that it breaks the very heart of God for His children and the body of Christ to be so curl. I myself have been attending HPC for a very long time and I plan on staying there and supporting our Pastors ! God is a God of healing! It’s time that we the church stop judging and let God himself be our judge! Mylife is far from perfect but I serve a perfect God! The bible say that we all sin and fall short of the glory of God and that there is no one righteous no not one!

    1. Hello Ps 139 . Dino will be judge by the 8000 members at HPC . Not BY God this time. …………The affair he can be forgiven for….The thing he will not be given for. He stood up there in both church services that Sunday. Look at all of us. Told all 8000 members that God told him to move on. ……That was not turth. .HE IS A LAIR.. HE RESIGNED AS PASTOR OF HPC ,. HE HAD AFFAIR WITH KAYCEE. …THE BROAD OF DIRECTORS MADE HIM RESIGNED. THAT IS THE BUTTON AND THE TRUTH. ……..STOOD THERE AND LIED TO ALL OF US AS PASTOR . ON HIS WAY OUT. ………HE WILL BY JUDGE BY ME AND ALL 8000 MEMBERS AT HPC. THE BROAD OF DIRECTORS AT HPC PAID KAYCEE WAY BACK TO OKLAHOMA. AND COVER UP THE AFFAIR. MADE SURE THAT KAYCEE MORGAN SMITH WAS FOR AWAY .WHEN THE AFFAIR CAME OUT. .THAT ALRIGHT . I TALK TO KAYCEE. ….All I can say is that DINO RIZZO ..The people of HPC will be the judge on this one. When Dino come clean.ADMIT HE LIED TO ALL THE HPC MEMBERS . IF NOT HE WILL FILL. THE FULL WRATH OF THE 8000 MEMBERS OF HPC….I will make sure we join as one. .Dino Rizzo was pastor fo 20 years.On his last day AS PASTOR OF HPC LIED TO ALL OF US. THANKS

  16. How many services on Sunday ? If you go to are church you would know the number of services we have !!!! God loves you so much !!! As lovers of Christ
    We must love one another !!! Sad 🙁 you fill the need to to be his judge ! You rep what you sow !!!!

  17. Shara,
    You know as well as I know that only God can judge a person for their acts. Where would you are i would be at if it was not for a loving and forgiving God that shows us his grace and mercy every single day! Your Speaking for all 8,000 people at HPC. Not everybody there has a unforgiving heart as yourself! I love Pastors Dino and Delynn with all of my heart and I for one WILL NOT stand in judgment over them! We all have done things in our lives that we are ashamed of and by Gods grace and love for us we have been forgiven. You know as well as I know that you have to for give to be forgiven. We should NEVER as christians not be will to forgive a person for what they did are did not do that is why Jesus came and lived and died on the cross is so that we could be forgiven. Who are we to stand in judgment of somebody? I know if you looked inside of myheart you would find sin. We as the church and as the body of Christ have to walk and live a life of forgiveness. I’m so very thankful that God is my one and only judge and not man.

  18. well i think that you would be shocked to know who i am…but i’m not going there! it sounds like to me that you have alot of hurt and angry in your heart and that you need to let Jesus heal you of all your pain….im not on here to fight with you…. but i do believe in protecting the ones that i love! and i love the rizzo family with all of my heart! so i will protect them. i was one of the first people to ever go to hpc….so yeah i know everybody and they know who i am. my 2 sons were raised in hpc… so i will serve and protect my church and my church family!

  19. for the love it’s BOARD, they have a BOARD of directors. A BOARD!!!!! not a broad. you’ve misspelled it every stinking time.

    1. As for as you GOOD GRIEF. .MY job is done over. I let all 8000 members at HPC be the judge on him. Young group at HPC have all the information out there. Continue to make the sure the truth comes out. But as for as me GOOD GRIEF. I AM OUT OF IT NOW. I DID MY PART.The rest of the HPC members of about 94 of them. Have all the information as a group of one. To make sure in the next few weeks. It all get out there . If the truth does not come out. This group of 94 strong HPC members will make it happen.. They know how to put all the information on the internet So Dino and board of directors .. Well tell the truth. Stop the cover up. Are the group of 94 strong will make it come out………So GOOD GRIEF. THE PEOPLE OF 8000 MEMBERS AT HPC WILL BE TH JUDGE .. … I am done with all this good grief.. Done talking about this on this web site. Group of 94 strong. As they call there thereselfves …….Will take it from here. …….Move on to more important things at HPC> After all I am in the middle of everything HPC……I have to let it go and forgive . What Dino and the board did .To the 8000 members at HPC. So I will not have to judge anymore. Move on to better things.. Gods work at HPC. Dino gone now. For the sins he made. .Have a lots of work ahead of us. At HPC for Mike is the new pastor. I have to go now. Get ready to go to church at HPC. The group of 94 strong will take care of everything. .. Make sure the truth come out by Dino and the board. .or The group of 94 strong. Will make sure it is on internet for them. Mission will be completed.Truth will be told..Then the 8000 members of HPC will be the judge………….As for me . I am out . I have been be at HPC for a very long time. So I will forgive Dino and the board for what they did. Will not judge them anymore. ……The group of 94 strong will not forgive will judge for the lies told. Will continue the mission put the truth out there. .good by GOOD GRIEF.

  20. It’s hard to believe that you ever attended church by your posts!! Please pay attention tomorrow morning and pray…I will say a prayer for you tonight! I hope God replaces all of that anger and bitterness with love and joy!

    1. Message for PS139, and to FORGIVENESS, I will be at the HPC today.I thought hard on what you said about anger and bitterness. I should have love and joy.I decided to let it go for now ON Dino Rizzo. I will not go any further on this. .I will keep all the information . Dino Rizzo lied to everyone . In all the church services . The last Sunday he was pastor.Saying God told him to resigned and move on. .That was a total lie. The board of directors made him resign as pastor. Because of his affair. ..I just do not understand how Dino Rizzo as pastor for 20 years. Could lie to everyone so easily .In all 3 church services . That last Sunday as pastor.. Should have told everyone the truth. All 8000 members of HPC could have forgive him. Could have stayed as pastor. Kaycee would have not had to move away.. So Dino lied and the board of directors cover it up. This is where it is hard for me. When the board of directors are so called gods people. Why did they cover it up……………… Well PS139 and Forgiveness . I will let it go as of now. Can!t forgive him and i still have to judge him…..But as for as continue my effort to make him tell the truth. Give up on that. Done with my comments on this web site for now. …They are other people at HPC who got copies of the information I have. They will continue where I left off..This is a younger group. Will make sure God make the truth come out. Have a nice life. shara

  21. Shara,
    sometimes forgiveness is a hard thing to do ….and i know you said that you can’t forgive him but you can! Just turn your hurt, anger, and your pain and let Jesus heal you and then you can start the forgiving process. it takes time i know but you have to know that we as the body of christ are here for you! i’ll will be at the 11:15 service this morning if you would like to meet and talk i will not expose you in any kind of way! i’ll be in the missions book store i sure hope to see you there… i will be there earlie so plz feel free to come by and talk to me. we as the body of christ need each other….tc my friend and God bless you!

  22. News flash: shara, Sarah, billy..you know, the 6 year old that continues to post here HAS NOTHING. Just a troll with nothing better to do. He claims to be all up in HPC but yet has obviously not passed an English class since the second grade. Who do you on staff that can’t spell the word Board or make a complete sentance? If this person had pics he would have posted them. He has nothing. Don’t let this person get your feathers ruffled. He claims to be “looking at you on Sunday morning” but if he was really involved he would have said every other day of the week. I guess he’s so involved he thinks there’s only people there on Sunday. This cat knows nothing and has nothing but hot air.

    Claire, thanks for your post and insight. Brought tears to my eyes. My heart hurts for all involved. Both parties have friends and family shocked and affected and their hearts hurt as well. Don’t forget God is in the healing business.
    Lisa, your story breaks my heart. I had no idea something like that existed right here. Scary. Glad you are out of that and I hope your hurt is directed at man and not God.

    I was just reminded of something Dino said a few years ago. “You can take the right man, put him in the wrong place at the wrong time around the wrong people, and he will make the wrong decision every time.”

  23. Too many lies by all “leaders” @ HPC for my family to feel comfortable returning there. We feel it is best. I feel sorry for Mike, Johnny an Brother Wayne….they will get up there and try to do damage control, but, in the end that just makes them continue on with the insanity of this whole thing. What gets me is that all this money in there any my little weekly donations and struggles didn’t matter & I was never offered help by my church family. I didn’t even ask. They live in the Country Club of Louisiana ??? Are you serious ???? If I had known that alone, it would have changed my mind on things. It is one thing to love all those shoes….but that is way to extreme. Don’t you think my family would love to go on a mission trip?? We couldn’t afford the crazy fees. But, the children of the staff goes and are able to get up on stage and “testify”. While my kids only wish for an opportunity like that. All the while they probably drive the best cars, eat great food, buy the best clothes..obviously…..and take care of their own. That has turned my opinion around and I am really disappointed in the HPC organization. We feel discouraged. As for as Live The Dream being cancelled, I believe the speakers pulled out due to not wanting to be affiliated with HPC’s scandal. How would cancelling such a great event, and returning monies already payed help the church family heal. I believe that to be just another lie. That is what broke our backs….. As much as we love Christine Cain, she can’t even save HPC now. I don’t think anyone can. I will miss the trust & comfort we felt there but, obviously it was a scam. Luckily for the Rizzo family they are financially well, and DeLynn has to deal with the pain like other women do when their husbands cheat…I feel for that and pray for her. But, God teaches us lessons that need to be learned……..

  24. All I can think when I read this is if you have the pics and texts that you say you have then what are you waiting for? All this threatening and flaunting is getting to a level that is equivalent to lying and cheating like you accuse of Dino.

  25. Thank you Acct819. Seems like we r the only two that know Dino and De’Lynn live in Santa Maria and not the Country Club. Anyway, I have known Dino and De’Lynn since before they were married. They were the best youth pastors (next to Glen Berteau) we could have ever had. I have always felt that Dino, De’Lynn and the family at HPC have always had a heart of giving and serving others. I believe that Dino started out on the right track but obviously somewhere got side tracked. My disappointment in HPC and Dino started to begin when they teamed up with the likes of TBN, Joyce Myers and Joel Osteen. I just felt they were getting in with the “wrong crowd”. Those type of people, to me, are all about more money more power and less of serving others.
    I must say that I have been in total SHOCK since I heard about him having an affair. That seems SO out of character for him. But again he is only human. Yes, it feels a little like reliving the days of Jimmy Swaggart except that made national news for weeks and with this I can’t find one person that I know who wants to talk about Dino right now. LOTS- if not most- of my FB friends attend HPC or have been around as long as I have with Dino and no one is saying a thing. Do people not know the real reason why he resigned? Do people care? People have to be questioning why he would work so hard to get where he is at only to quit so suddenly. It’s my guess that the Mula’s and the Austin’s have left as well?
    I’m not sure I care to much about the fact that he had an affair, yes it hurt a lot of people, and was wrong but it’s the cover up and the way the church is so hush hush about it that bothers me. I truly think that if Dino had stood up in front of the congregation and admitted what he did and asked for forgiveness he would had been taken in with open arms and would be allowed to stand behind the pulpit and still preach. I think it’s sad that the church he founded “Healing place for a hurting world” seems to have turned its back on them when it should have been his place of refuge and what he needed most during this time.
    I’m not sure if there is any credibility to the pics or texts people say they have. I think they would have been posted by now. Not sure what is to gain by waiting but we’ll see. Until then…

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