Losing Friends

A few years ago, when I first moved back to the LA area, I got another job in another office, but this time my boss was Jewish and he was not a big fan of Christians and their “killing a living thing to celebrate the birth of Jesus”, aka Christmas. It was great. I had just started my blog and he loved talking with me about fundamentalists. When I had my first radio interview, he was so accommodating, let me take time off to do the interview and even set me up in an office.

Around that time, I was a new blogger and very similar to a new mother, I wanted to coddle my blog and be with it every minute of the day. I had to feed it daily so it got big and strong and I had to clean out the spam-germs so it stayed disease-free. ha! Sorry, I’m getting a little carried away with my metaphor here. My point is I woke up early to blog nearly every morning and then I blogged daily at lunch. When I wasn’t blogging, I was working on my manuscript, but the blog was a writing exercise for the manuscript so they complimented each other.

I got a little burned out after year one of that schedule and then my second year I decided to slow down, maybe write daily for 3 months and then take a month off and repeat the pattern. I was flexible with myself and forced myself to rest. I also had anxiety so nearly every day I would log on to my email and see a new “You need to get saved” or “Are you saved?” or “I’m praying for you to get saved” email and I’ll be honest–I spent most of that year in tears. Over the course of time, and with the support of a lot of great non-religious friends and some very nice religious family members, I realized that the issue I needed to just brush it off. All of it and all of them. Sometimes that meant losing old friends, like the other day. I won’t go into it too much but someone who used to say she loved me and I was her hero went bat-shit hostile on me the other day. I personally think it was my lack of religion (and lack of respect for pseudo-intellectual fundamentalists) that did her in, but it might have to do with the fact that her dad believes pharma companies planted AIDS in the world and I just think that’s a bit insane.

Even when I act tough or hide it with humor, losing friends hurts. Even when I know they are stupid or weren’t that supportive of me in the first place (or when I know it was bound to happen).

Have you lost friends or family members? How did you cope? Or are you coping now? If you need to talk, email me at mycultlife@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.



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  1. WHEW BOY I could write a book on this subject. It daily blows my mind how the very same people who said things like “I love you”- “I want you in my life” – and even called me “sister” and “adopted daughter” so easily threw me away like garbage when I stopped following their rules. The pain of their lies, manipulations, hateful words, passive aggressiveness, and slander has changed me forever. Now I know every single “I love you” was actually “I love you IF…” Every single “I want you around…” was actually “We will allow you to be in our presence as long as…”
    Every word of care, love, or acceptance, was wholly dependent on whether or not I behaved “correctly” and parroted their beliefs to the letter. The instant I stopped following the rules everything changed and their “love” and “friendship” was gone. Now they explain (and explain and explain and explain) to justify their every word and every action in just the right way to remain sanctified and justified, blameless, and in fact, claim to be victimized by me. And of course, since I “left the fellowship” their arguments all make perfect sense to the people they spew them to so the abuse tends to go on and on.

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