Rizzo resigns as Healing Place pastor; Rumors of Affair Surface

Dino Rizzo, pastor of Healing Place Church, is taking a sabbatical. Rumors have circulating since late July on Louisiana message boards that this was caused an affair he was having with a 25 year old church intern. What’s worse is, the church board allegedly paid the young woman to move back to her home state, which was not originally Louisiana to cover it up. Continue Reading

Megachurch Pastor Dino Rizzo Returns to Ministry After Affair

Last September, I received some emails from various sources saying Dino Rizzo, pastor of Healing Place Church, had stepped down from his position as senior pastor because he was “spiritually depleted.” Digging into the story further, I found rumors of… Continue Reading

Here’s What People Are Saying About Dino Rizzo’s Affair Cover-Up

In light of Dino Rizzo’s recent return to ministry this week after having an affair with Healing Place Church staff member Kaycee Morgan Smith and lying to his church about it in his resignation last year, here’s what people are saying about… Continue Reading

Healing Place Pastor Founder Resigns; Affair Cover Up Suspected

What Healing Place church members don’t know is that Dino Rizzo is most likely still taking their money. According to the Secretary of State’s site, there have been no amendments to any of the non-profits listed removing Dino or DeLynn Rizzo. In fact, no changes have been made since 2009. If Dino had really resigned, wouldn’t he have been removed from HPC and the ministries entirely? Continue Reading