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Every Nation Ministries & A Blog That Tells the History


During my time at Our Savior’s Church in Lafayette, Louisiana, the church was a member of what was called Morning Star International (MSI), which later turned into Every Nation Ministries (EN).

Every Nation Ministries had a bible training group called Victory Leadership Institute (VLI).

It turns out that Every Nation Ministries may be the same group with the same roots in leadership as Maranatha. I’ve had a few emails from readers who saw my connection to an Every Nation church, and asked me if I had any information on Maranatha.

I haven’t done extensive research on EN/MSI or Maranatha, but I’d like to introduce you to someone who has: Ulyankee. She runs a blog called Shepherding/Discipleship Movement Survivor’s Blog: The present-day impact of the Shepherding/Discipleship movement from the perspective of a former member of Morning Star International (now Every Nation Churches and Ministries).

Ironically, Ulyankee and I attended Our Savior’s Church at the same time, yet I didn’t know her then. We’ve since connected via email and she’s shared a great deal of useful information with me that I hope to share in the future with you. Until then, please peruse her voluminous blog to discover some of the roots of abusive or false teaching that has made Our Savior’s Church what it is.

Some key players that I’ve had personal experience with who either run Every Nation Ministries or have had an historic past in EN leadership include:

Rice Broocks

Jim Lafoon (to which Daniel Jones is still very connected with)

Leo Lawson

Steve Murrell

and more…(this list to updated soon)